In the event of a medical need or emergency, you gain immediate, unlimited, 24/7 access to our facility. Our center is equipped with a laboratory and diagnostic imaging (including MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and X-ray), and is staffed with top-level physicians who are available to you at any time and with no wait.




You never need to make an appointment to see a physician immediately. And, if you prefer not to travel to our facilities, we also offer access to our doctors via telemedicine or house calls within New York City and seasonally in the Hamptons.



From the moment you check in, our team ensures your care experience is discreet, seamless, and stress-free. We coordinate fast access to renowned specialists as well as VIP entry into the country’s leading hospitals. Your primary care provider always remains at the center of your experience with our entire team to support your needs.



Whether you need a last-minute travel medication or want to stop by for a flu shot, our team is always there to provide support. We also offer a complimentary wellness assessment for adults, which includes a physician consultation, blood work and basic radiology if appropriate, in order to establish a baseline for future medical care.

Patient Journey without PPC

The PPC Difference

We Work with Your Family Doctor

We work with concierge doctors and family physicians to help them provide their patients with the medical care they deserve. During your visit and afterwards, we communicate closely with your primary care providers and other doctors. If a specialist is needed, we work together to choose the best physician for you. If hospitalization is required, we can help to coordinate through our VIP relationships with leading institutions.